Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 71 - Focus of the Auction House

Chapter 71 - Focus of the Auction House

Chapter 71 - Focus of the Auction House

Seeing as everyone had left, Hammer Trading sat in his chair, paralyzed. Both his eyes had a lifeless look in them.

There was actually someone who was selling Forging Design for Bronze Equipment at the Auction House? How was this possible?

Hammer Trading had no way of understanding such behavior. It was as foolish as literally handing the keys to a treasury filled with gold to someone else.

Only a brain-dead person would do such an idiotic action.

No, they must be trying to trick me. Hammer Trading abruptly stood up, calling out the official forum. He wanted to make these people regret. He wanted to rip them off for daring to look down on him.

However, when Hammer Trading looked at a few pinned discussion threads, he became instantly dumbfounded. There really was an idiot who was selling a Forging Design!

Bronze Equipment Forging Design appearing in the Auction House! Pictures as evidence available!

Clicking on the thread to take a look, Hammer Tradings mind went thoroughly blank.

The Forging Design was actually for the Glimmer Chestplate. It was the equipment previously sold by the Black Flame Forger. Everyone was very aware of how good the Attributes on this item were. It was an absolutely top-tier item.

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If a first-rate Guild were to get ahold of this Forging Design, they would not need him.

This was because fame served little purpose to a first-rate Guild. Previously, he dared to act presumptuously because he learned the Forging Design for the Savage Chestplate. Now that others had a better Forging Design, who would pay him any heed?

In the discussion, many first-rate Guilds declared the Forging Design to be theirs, and they would fight whoever dared competed with them over it.

Hence, everyone had started paying attention to the problem of the ownership of this Forging Design. There was no longer anybody who paid attention to Hammer Trading. Instead, each and every one of them was joyful over his misfortune, making fun of his end.

This incident led everyone to admire the mysterious player who was selling the Forging Design. This mysterious players means were extremely great, and people could not help but praise him. There was practically no blood seen when he killed. He only used a piece of paper to cause Hammer Trading, the rising star that received the envy and admiration of tens of thousands, to fall from his heavenly altar, tumbling down into the bottomless abyss and never being able to climb back up.

Hammer Trading already bore a bitter hatred towards this player who sold the Forging Design. Just when his life of luxury was within his reach, it was all destroyed. Moreover, it was destroyed by a person who was brain-dead.

Fear not a god-like rival, but fear a pig-like ally. Now, that saying needed an additional verse: and fear more a foolish passerby.

Hammer Tradings eyes had currently turned crimson, his face extremely ashen. His expression alone was enough to devour a person.

Not good. I definitely must buy it no matter the price. As long as I buy it, I can get back all the advantages. At that time, not only will I have the Savage Chestplate, but I will also have the Glimmer Chestplate. When that time comes, those first-rate Guilds will have to prostrate and beg before me. Hammer Tradings current expression was just like a gambler who lost badly. He placed all of his hopes on buying out the Glimmer Chestplate Forging Design.

Thinking up to this point, Hammer Trading was no longer able to hold himself back as he swiftly rushed towards the Auction House.

However, it was not just Hammer Trading who was rushing towards the Auction House. There were also the upper echelons of various Guilds of various Towns under the influence of White River City. All of them wanted to purchase the Forging Design. After all, everyone knew how powerful the Glimmer Chestplate was. Owning the Forging Design was the equivalent of owning a mountain of gold.

This incident caused an uproar at the Auction Houses of the various Towns in White River City. The Auction Houses became unusually lively as players pushed against one another inside the building. The Auction Houses were filled to the entrances, making it hard for players even to enter.

Meanwhile, the competition for the Glimmer Chestplate Forging Design entered into full swing. Every one of the Guilds had bid high prices. Within ten short minutes, the price for the item had reached 1 Gold Coin.

Thats right; it was 1 Gold Coin. That was practically a large Guilds entire fluid funds.

In such a way, the price of the Forging Design constantly rose without any signs of stopping.

Guild Leader, I dont have enough money anymore. What do we do now?

Crap, how can that be? I gave you 1 Gold and 20 Silvers; how can that not be enough?

But... its selling at 1 Gold 56 Silvers now...

Crap, these people are insane. Its just a Forging Design. Hold on a bit; Ill immediately ask for some money from the money-farming team. I dont believe we cant get it.

As the price of the Glimmer Chestplate Forging Design rose, bit by bit, each of the various Guilds was constantly raising funds. They contacted money-farming teams, their Guild members, and in the end, even purchased from the Virtual Trade Center.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng, the cause of all this madness in White River City, had just comfortably arrived at the Library.

Revered Miss Sharlyn, I have brought the items you requested. Can you dispel the curse for me now? Shi Feng sincerely took out 2 Gold Coins, 30 pieces of Moonstones, and the Teleportation Magic Orb.

After seeing the glittering Gold Coins, Sharlyn nodded her head in satisfaction. However, similar to the Holy Mother, Sharlyn shook her head and said in a pitiful tone, Adventurer, you have truly astonished me. You managed to gather all the needed materials in such a short period. If I had known earlier, I would have told you that the Moon Drip ceremony possessed tiers.

Tiers? Shi Feng looked at Sharlyns regretful expression, and he could not help but feel slightly odd about the situation. It was as if he was a mouse being stared at by a cat.

Mmhmm. Sharlyn sighed, saying, The Moon Drip is a very ancient ceremony. In fact, aside from having a dispelling effect, there are still other effects. However, for conveniences sake, the ceremony was only used to dispel curses after constant alterations, while the other effects were greatly weakened. If you pay another 3 Gold Coins, I can gather all the needed materials to carry out the complete Moon Drip ceremony. Aside from helping you dispel the curse, it will also give you a unimaginably big harvest. Wont you reconsider it?

Big harvest, when Sharlyn uttered these two words, her voice sounded exceptionally loud, making it sound as if this big harvest was something amazing.

However, Shi Feng knew that the Sharlyn before him had some kind of see-through skill. Otherwise, how could she have guessed that there were still 3 Gold Coins inside his bag? He already wasted 3 Gold Coins to dispel the curse, and he did not wish to become a sucker.

As if having seen through Shi Fengs thoughts, Sharlyn added, Adventurer, do you know of the legend about the Demon Slaying Sword Saint, Celius? Legends has it that Celius was cursed by the Great Demon King, undergoing torment for a long period. However, after experiencing untold hardships, he finally discovered a method to dispel the curse, which was the Moon Drip. After undergoing the Moon Drip ceremony, he obtained a new life. He received matchless strength from the ceremony, thereby allowing him to defeat the Great Demon King and becoming a legendary Sword Saint on the continent of Gods Domain. Dont you think the Sword Saint Celius was very mighty?

As she was speaking, Sharlyns doll-like eyes constantly snuck peeks at Shi Feng. She constantly let out lamented sighs at the mention of Sword Saint.

... Shi Feng suddenly became speechless.

Watching Sharlyns actions, it was clear they were saying, The Sword Saint is beckoning at you. Youngster, wont you give it a go?

Shi Feng glanced at Sharlyns face, full of smiles, and his heart filled with helplessness. This Sharlyn was a diamond salesperson!

Although Sharlyn possessed an unruly temperament and criminally attractive body, asking for 6 Gold Coins was just a huge scam! 6 Gold Coins! That was equivalent to 36,000 Credits!

Very well. His heart was moved. If he could become a Sword Saint in the future, it would all be worth it.

The new wouldnt come if the old didnt go.

Esteemed Miss Sharlyn, I wish to try the complete Moon Drip ceremony. Will there be any danger? Shi Feng unwillingly dug out another 3 Gold Coins.

After receiving the Gold Coins, Sharlyn happily smiled as she said, You can be at ease, Adventurer. Although this is my first time, my skills are very good. Even my teacher praised me as a genius. Let us begin right away.

Chapter end

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