Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 56 - Glimmer Chestplate

Chapter 56 - Glimmer Chestplate

Chapter 56 - Glimmer Chestplate

The current Garrison Armor before Shi Feng was largely different than the previous ones. Its design had largely changed, and even the color had become a pale gold. This was absolutely not the Garrison Armor.

Crap, Shi Feng understood he had failed.

Before, he was too absorbed into his own excitement while he was forging the equipment. He smashed the hammer in whichever way he wanted, giving the Garrison Armor a completely different appearance. He even felt good about it.

Still, the appearance of this new Plate Armor looked extremely cool. It would definitely look majestic while worn.

Following which, Shi Feng chose to identify the equipments information.

The System took a whole 10 seconds before giving a conclusion this time.

[Unnamed] (Bronze-rank Plate Armor)

Level 3

Equipment Requirement: Strength 12

Defense 23

Strength 3, Endurance 3

HP 120

Durability 35/35

Additional Ability-

Healing Power: Healing effects received are increased by 10%.

Restricted to Shield Warriors and Guardian Knights.

System: Unnamed equipment has been successfully forged. Forging Proficiency increased by 3 points. Obtained 1,100 EXP.

System: Congratulations! You are the first player to forge an entirely new piece of Bronze Equipment in Gods Domain. Obtained 3,000 EXP. Rewarding 1 Runic Hammer (Mysterious-Iron rank) that increases forging success rate by 5%.

System: Please give a name to the equipment you have created. You are also able to leave a personal mark on this piece of equipment.

Shi Feng was slightly shocked when he saw these notifications. He had unintentionally remodeled the Garrison Armor, and successfully at that. He even created an entirely new piece of Bronze Equipment. His luck was truly good. The Attributes of this equipment had already reached the level of an average Mysterious-Iron Equipment. If only the materials used were not so poor, it would definitely have become a Mysterious-Iron Equipment.

In Gods Domain, players were able to create equipment. However, this was an extremely difficult task to accomplish. Not only did the player have to be extremely familiar with forging, but they also had to have a thorough understanding of the various materials available. After undergoing hundreds of trials, only then could completely new, and good quality, equipment be created.

Usually, players who wanted to create new equipment would only start to do so after they had risen to become an Advanced Forger. After all, to become a Master Forger, not only did a player require sufficient Proficiency, they also needed to create three entirely new pieces of Mysterious-Iron Equipment, and also one entirely new piece of Secret-Silver Equipment. Only after all those conditions were achieved could a player become a Master Forger.

Due to this condition, the players who became Master Forgers were extremely rare.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng unintentionally created an entirely new piece of Bronze Equipment. Of course, the Book of Forgings effect played a large part in contributing to this success.

"Since the color has become a pale gold, and its giving off a dull glow, lets call it the Glimmer Chestpiece. Shi Feng immediately confirmed the equipments new name. After which, he left an imprint of a black flame at a corner of the equipment. This imprint was the equivalent of a forgers name. In the future, when others see this symbol, they would know that this equipment was created by Master so-and-so. At the same time, the symbol also served to prevent others from falsifying the equipments original creator.

In the blink of an eye, the equipments information also had a change to it.

[Glimmer Chestpiece] (Bronze-rank Plate Armor)

Level 3

Equipment Requirement: Strength 12

Defense 23

Strength 3, Endurance 3

HP 120

Durability 35/35

Additional Ability-

Healing Power: Healing effects received are increased by 10%.

Restricted to Shield Warriors and Guardian Knights.

On the right breast of the Glimmer Chestpiece, the mark of a black flame appeared. The flame constantly faded in and out of existence, further enriching the aesthetics of the Glimmer Chestpiece.

System: Black Flame Imprint has been successfully registered. This Imprint has been bound to your gaming account, and nobody else is able to use it.

System: Naming successful. Forging Design for the Glimmer Chestpiece has been automatically generated. Player can now voluntarily draw the Forging Design for the Glimmer Chestpiece, allowing others to learn the Forging Design.

Suddenly, an additional window appeared in Shi Fengs Lifestyle Panel. It was called Forging Design Creation, and it allowed players to create their own Forging Designs.

Shi Feng felt endless ecstasy when he saw this new window.

This was the benefit of creating something original. As long as Shi Feng had a Pen and Drawing Paper, he could fabricate as many Forging Designs for the Glimmer Chestplate as he wanted. This was the treatment that was only available for original creations. Forging Designs were much more valuable than the equipment itself.

In Shi Fengs previous life, countless Master Forgers constantly researched various materials and used all sorts of methods to develop new equipment. Other than trying to become a Grandmaster Forger, their main goal was to obtain an Original Forging Design. This item was the reason why some Master Forgers were extremely rich. The process of fabricating a Forging Design was very simple, and they could easily make tens to hundreds of them any time they wanted. Otherwise, how much money could they make, even if they exhaust themselves by forging equipment every single day?

With the Glimmer Chestplate Forging Design, earning 10 Gold Coins was a small matter. At that time, it was even possible for Shi Feng to earn up to 30 or 40 Gold Coins. After all, there were a lot of players in White River City and no shortage of Guilds, either.

Afterward, Shi Feng continued forging Glimmer Chestplates, no longer forging Garrison Armors. Both of them required the same materials to make; however, the Glimmer Chestplate had a cooler-looking appearance and even came with an Additional Ability.

There was another benefit for an original creation. When forging your own creation, the success rate for it was increased by 10%, and the equipment would also have a higher chance to come with an Additional Ability. As long as the Glimmer Chestplates fame spread, Shi Feng would have no troubles selling its Forging Design.

Time passed, bit by bit.

Shi Feng was completely unaware of his surroundings as he forged equipment. His heart was filled with the thoughts of money. One Gold Coin... Two Gold Coins... Three Gold Coins...

Piece after piece of shining golden equipment piled up in the entire Forging Room.

When ten hours had passed since Shi Feng rented the Forging Room, a loud notification had come from the System. Only then had Shi Feng suddenly realized ten hours had already gone by.

His gains were even more shocking, however. He successfully made a total of 142 pieces of equipment, and the materials he had bought were nearly depleted.

Amongst the Attributes of the equipment, there were some that were good, and some that were bad. The difference between them was the healing effects. The bad ones had 5%, while the good ones had 12%. There were a total of 76 pieces that had their healing effects below 7%, 48 pieces that had their healing effects between 7% and 9%, and 18 pieces that were between 10% and 12%. These pieces of equipment filled up over half of Shi Fengs bag space.

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At the same time, Shi Fengs Proficiency also had a big increase, reaching up to 514 points. Shi Feng was now halfway to becoming an Intermediate Forging Apprentice.

Shi Feng took out the Teleportation Orb to have a look. The experience it had currently stored up was close to 150,000. As long as Shi Feng continued putting in an effort for several more hours, he would be able to store up the 200,000 and immediately go to the Moonlight Forest.

The speed at which Shi Feng gained EXP was at least two to three times faster than the Guild Leaders of first-rate Guilds.

After leaving the Forging Association, Shi Feng ran to the Auction House.

Currently, a majority of the average players should have already risen to Level 3, whereas many veteran players should have risen to Level 4. Only expert players would be closing into Level 5. After all, a lot of experience was required to rise from Level 4 to Level 5. The amount needed was at least three to four times the amount needed to rise from Level 3 to Level 4.

Right now was the perfect time for Shi Feng to sell the Level 3 Bronze Equipment. The various Guilds should also have amassed quite an amount of wealth after more than ten hours had passed, so it was a good chance for Shi Feng to make a big catch. If another period of time were to pass, the prices of equipment would most likely be greatly reduced.

After arriving at the Auction House, Shi Feng noticed that the number of logistic players present significantly had reduced. It seemed as if they were no longer as enthusiastic towards the Garrison Armor as before.

Fellow brother, why are there suddenly so few people at the Auction House? Shi Feng walked up behind a logistic player, asking.

The tall and bespectacled logistic player was slightly surprised, explaining, Have you been killing monsters outside town all this time? You dont even know about such a huge matter?

Yeah, Ive just returned after making some money from killing monsters and selling materials. Wasnt that Garrison Armor super popular? I, too, wanted to buy a piece, Shi Feng nodded.

No wonder you dont know about it. Three hours ago, a player called Hammer Trading had sold a lot of Level 3 Bronze Plate Armor Equipment. Although the Attributes on it were slightly weaker than the Garrison Armor, its price was extremely low, costing only 4 Silver Coins. Moreover, that player even announced that there would be discounts if you contacted him and ordered in bulk. Naturally, the various Guilds all contacted him and ordered. That equipment is now extremely popular, so who would remain here and pay attention to the Garrison Armor?

Chapter end

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