Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 36 - Hazard Gnome

Chapter 36 - Hazard Gnome

Chapter 36 - Hazard Gnome

After leaving the Deathly Forest, Shi Fengs party rushed towards Dark Moon Valley without rest.

At the current stage of the game, many players had already risen to Level 2. Aside from raiding the Dungeon at the Deathly Forest, they would stay in Brook Hills to kill Level 2 Cheetah Cubs. Only a few experts would go to the Level 4 area, Dark Moon Valley, to level up. However, along with the increase in player levels, it wouldnt be long before Dark Moon Valley would become occupied.

After spending over half an hour returning to Dark Moon Valley, the scene they met with was the same as what Shi Feng expected.

A few Elite parties who were uninterested in the Dungeon were currently killing Level 4 Kobolds that were wandering around the outer parts of the valley. These Elite parties were quite skilled. They lured two or three monsters each time, with the Shield warrior tanking in front and preventing the Kobolds from closing in on their mage and healer. The healer was continuously healing from behind, barely maintaining the Shield Warriors HP.

Although it was taxing to grind in such a way, the gains from the fight were equally good. The three Kobolds had dropped 2 Coppers and some stone materials.

In Gods Domain, only monsters Level 3 and above would drop skill books and Bronze Equipment. Although the chance was only ten thousand to one, it was still enough to cause players to go on wild goose chases. Currently, Bronze Equipment was very valuable; even more so were skill books. With these enticements here, there would be many experts who would come forth, even if there was some danger involved.

After taking a few glances, Shi Feng turned and left towards the inner parts of the Dark Moon Valley.

The other party members who were new to the Dark Moon Valley were very nervous. It was especially true when they saw the Level 4 monsters scattered throughout the entire area. Their breaths became slightly hurried. However, Blackie was extremely calm when he saw these Level 4 Kobolds. After all, he had previously killed hundreds of them. He did not seem panicked, unlike the other party members. He simply followed Shi Feng, entering the deeper regions of the valley.

As for the Elite parties, they could not help but be shocked when they saw Shi Fengs party enter deep into the valley. They had never imagined the newcomer party would have such courage.

There were very few players currently present in Dark Moon Valley. It had yet to be completely developed, so there were a lot of Kobolds in the middle of the valley. The deeper one headed towards the center, the greater the number of Kobolds. There would even be groups that consisted of ten or more Kobolds. Grinding monsters there was just too dangerous. The lowest number of Kobolds they had to face was at least four or five. It was not worth risking an unwarranted death.

Unfortunately, these people did not know Shi Feng was more insane than they previously thought.

Shi Feng did not just enter the deeper regions of the valley. Instead, he went towards the core of the Dark Moon Valley. There was a good location to grind monsters there. Not only was there a large number of monsters, but their respawn rate was quick as well. Most importantly, the drop rate there for ore was high.

Regarding understanding, Shi Feng was like the local god of the area when it came to the Dark Moon Valley. Be it the location of the monsters, the number of monsters available, or their respawn time, Shi Feng had spent countless hours researching in his previous life. His goal at that time was to increase the grinding speed of his party, all to improve his position within Shadow.

Life was truly fascinating. Shi Fengs sacrifice towards Shadow in his previous life had currently turned around to help himself instead. It could increase his own partys level more quickly, while at the same time guaranteeing him a steady supply of ore.

Moving along the path of broken rocks, groups of four or five Level 4 Kobolds would occasionally appear. However, it was just a small matter with the equipment of Shi Fengs party.

Looking at the partys Guardian Knight, Cola, be it with HP or Defense, he could easily tank four Kobolds at the same time. The healer, Drowsy Sloth, could maintain Colas HP above 80% without wasting much effort. If Cola had let a monster past, then Lonely Snow would go up and push it back. As for the others, they would fervently deal damage. A simple sword strike from Shi Feng could already deal over a hundred damage, whereas Blackies Dark Arrows could each deal 88 damage. The fight could not get any easier than this.

Within moments, the five Kobolds were all dealt with. Compared to the Elite party outside, Shi Fengs party was stronger by several folds.

Shi Feng simply picked up the stone materials and ore that dropped, then continuing deeper into the Dark Moon Valley.

After spending over an hour moving forward, Shi Fengs party had finally arrived in front of a mountain. The massive mountain was hundreds of meters in height. Kobolds no longer filled the area surrounding the mountain; Wandering Gnomes had replaced them. These Wandering Gnomes each held a small shovel in their hands, using it to dig into the rock wall of the mountain. There were also quite a few Gnome Overseers that inspected the surrounding areas with a whip in hand.

Brother Feng, the monsters here are just too numerous. Are we really going to grind here?

Blackies heart shook slightly when he took a look around. He discovered hundreds of Wandering Gnomes around the vast mountain. There was even a few Level 5 Gnome Overseers. Compared to the groups of over ten Kobolds outside, this place was a literal battlefield.

Cola also gulped down a mouthful of saliva, worriedly saying, Party leader, Im not trying to boast, but tanking six or seven of them is my limit. I really cant manage this many monsters.

It wasnt just Blackie or Cola. The others, as well, were apprehensive. Wandering Gnomes occupied the entire mountain, and these Gnomes were very close to each other. As long as they made a mistake while luring, then they would have to face-off against hundreds of Level 4 monsters. Such a large number of monsters was much scarier than the Lord-rank Felt.

I know you guys cant fend all of them off. However, who ever said about letting any of you tank hundreds of Gnomes? Shi Feng rolled his eyes at his party members. He was extremely clear regarding the partys standards. Facing off against ten Gnomes at the same time was nearly their limit, so how could they deal with hundreds at the same time?

Even a Level 10 player would be finished when met with hundreds if Level 4 monsters.

However, wasnt there a good saying that stated: if you cant outfight them, outrun them?

Shi Fengs Agility had reached 30 points. Including the Bronze Shoes he had, his Movement Speed had exceeded the Wandering Gnomes by at least 4 points. He could easily kite the Gnomes and let Blackie use the AOE skill, Hell Flame. The efficiency of grinding in such a way was several times greater than that of killing individually.

Following which, Shi Feng told everyone about his plan. He needed Blackie to get the timing right, maximizing the effect of Hell Flame. As for the others, they were responsible for taking out the Gnomes with low HP.

When Shi Feng had chosen his position, he grabbed a handful of stones and rushed towards the nearby Gnome Overseer.

Just as Shi Feng approached the 20-yard distance, the Overseer had started yelling loudly. Its screams attracted the attention of many of the surrounding Wandering Gnomes. Shi Feng waited first for a moment, avoiding the whip of the Gnome Overseer and allowing the Wandering Gnomes to continuously gather.

When about 30 Gnomes had gathered, Shi Feng turned around and ran in the opposite direction. Afterward, he threw a small stone that struck another Gnome Overseer. The Overseer who was struck loudly bellowed, bringing along over twenty of its brethren and rushing at Shi Feng.

Within moments, Shi Feng had lured over sixty monsters. However, Shi Feng was not yet satisfied. He started circling the mountain as he lured monsters, and within five minutes, there were hundreds of Wandering Gnomes and more than ten Gnome Overseers chasing behind him with all their might.

Unfortunately for them, Shi Fengs equipment was just too good. His speed was 30% greater when compared to the Gnomes. Including Shi Fengs extraordinary techniques and control over his body, he was able to toy with the Gnomes whichever way he wanted.

Blackie, get ready to cast, Shi Feng reminded.

Alright. Blackie was extremely excited. This was his first time using AOE magic, so he did not know what kind of effects it would have.

Subsequently, Blackies fingers started gesturing in midair. Brilliant magical seals started appearing, forming into a dazzling magic circle that gave off a peerless aura.

As Blackie spat out the last syllable, the land shook. Jade green flames rushed to the sky, devouring the entire Gnome army. A field of damages over a hundred had appeared. Within five seconds, every Gnome chasing after Shi Feng received over two hundred damage, their remaining HP less than half.

However, the target of these Gnomes had also changed. They no longer went after Shi Feng, but Blackie instead.

Shi Feng abruptly stopped. He pulled out the Abyssal Blade and rushed forward.

Thundering Flash!

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Not only did the Level 4 Thundering Flash have a low Cooldown, but its attack range also increased to 15 by 3 yards. It had nearly covered the entire Gnome army.

Three streaks of thunder flew past the Gnome army, creating three damages of over 120 points to every Gnome. The attack had completely devoured the remaining HP of the Gnomes. As for the low HP ones that remained, they were quickly held back by Cola. Lonely Snow then rushed forward and used a Whirlwind Slash, thoroughly ending the remaining Gnomes.

The hundreds of Gnomes had been wiped out, leaving behind a floor covered with items.

Meanwhile, everyones experience madly rose. EXP of over ten points appeared one after the other, dazzling everyones eyes.

Hua! Blackie had risen to Level 3.

This is too awesome! Blackie roared in exhilaration.

This is only the beginning. They will still respawn in a moment. Shi Feng laughed, Lets quickly pick up the drops.

Suddenly, everyone started busying themselves. Even with six people retrieving the drops, the loot of hundreds of Gnomes still required them to spend a lot of time doing so.

However, moments after they started collecting, a Gnome that piloted a gigantic robot suddenly appeared. The Gnomes face was crimson red. It immediately rushed towards Shi Fengs party with unparalleled rage.

Not good! Its the Hazard Gnome! Everyone spread out! Shi Feng shouted the moment he laid eyes on the gigantic robot.

Chapter end

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