Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 35 - Changing from Arrogance to Humility (3)

Chapter 35 - Changing from Arrogance to Humility (3)

Chapter 35 - Changing from Arrogance to Humility (3)

Seeing Gentle Snow smile with confidence, Shi Feng was already snickering in silence.

Sheeps wool comes from a sheep. If you wished to earn money, it was natural to obtain it from a wealthy person. A first-rate Guild like Ouroboros was unquestionably an appropriate target.According to Shi Fengs knowledge the Guild, Ouroboros, had already conquered over ten virtual reality games. However, the appearance of Gods Domain had shaken the virtual gaming world. It was dubbed as mankinds second world. It caused the collapse of many other virtual reality games. Afterward, countless companies started madly investing in Gods Domain, nurturing their Guild, growing their influence, and building their place in the virtual financial world. Naturally, Ouroboros also invested in Gods Domain. They, too, wanted to share a bite of the countless assets.

Also, Ouroboros was not just wealthy; it also had a great background. The number of experts working under Ouroboros exceeded over a thousand. These thousand men were famed as the God-Slaying Army in Gods Domain. The existence of these thousand experts allowed Ouroboros to establish a large virtual Empire. They unified over eighty Cities in Gods Domain that each had a population of over a million players. Ouroboros was a true tyrant in Gods Domain.

During Ouroboros peak, it was the equivalent to the entire Star-Moon Kingdom. As for Shadow, it had only established ten Cities that did not have populations exceeding a million players. In such a way, Ouroboros had become a peerless tyrant in the real world. Their position was truly unimaginable.It should be known that Star-Moon Kingdom was a relatively large kingdom, even amongst the hundreds present in Gods Domain. It was at the upper middle-ranks. One could clearly see Ouroboros prowess when compared to it.

How could Shi Feng not wish to work with such a powerful Guild? It was just the risk of working with Gentle Snow was too high. Because of her particular identity, the information she could get a hold of was just too great. Shi Feng could not help but be cautious of her. It was why he intentionally revealed some hints, especially with the recipe for the Basic Strength Potion. He wanted to see Gentle Snows reaction. If she behaved in a bad way, Shi Feng would naturally act ignorant and push all responsibility away.

However, the present situation was undoubtedly the one Shi Feng looked forward to the most.

Since youve already explained... My asking price isnt high. Twenty Silver Coins. Shi Feng calmly stated.

To a small Guild of current times, 20 Silver Coins would already be their entire fortune. Even a hundred-man money-farming group would need two to three days to collect such an amount.

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Zhao Yueru sucked in a cold breath, nearly jumping up when she heard Shi Feng casually ask for 20 Silver Coins. She stared at Shi Feng, furiously saying, Why dont you just rob someone? That would be a faster way.

I would do it if I could get that much money, Shi Feng said with a smile. You should know there is a lot of skill books, weapons, and equipment for players inside the Deathly Forest. They can quickly increase the strength of players. If you could conquer the Deathly Forest a step earlier, the benefits it would bring towards future developments go without saying.

You...... Cant you make it a little cheaper? Twenty Silvers? Even we, Ouroboros, cant simply take out that much money, Zhao Yueru thoroughly disliked Shi Feng now. However, when she thought about the importance of the Deathly Forest, she still used a softer tone to speak to Shi Feng.

Sorry, but no negotiations. If you dont agree to it, then I can only consider working with some other Guild, Shi Feng remained firm with his decision. He had been very sincere in dealing with Gentle Snow. If it was still not possible, he could only consider the Assassins Alliance. The Assassins Alliance was wealthy and imposing. Before, they spent over 20 Silvers to buy Shi Fengs Level 5 Bronze Shield.

I understand. Twenty Silvers then. However, we need some time to collect the money. After all, our Ouroboros area of influence isnt in White River City, but at the capital, Star-Moon City. There are only a few Ouroboros members close to White River City. Give me a days time, take these 7 Silvers as a deposit. I will compensate you with 15 Silvers a day later. Gentle Snow had never imagined Shi Fengs appetite would be so great. Twenty Silvers was still a lot to her. However, the importance of clearing the Deathly Forest was too great. They had to grasp it as soon as possible. At the same time, Gentle Snow knew that Silver Coins were precious during the early periods of the game. Hence, she had given a little more to Shi Feng as interest.

Alright. Here is the map of the Deathly Forest, and also the things you need to pay attention to when fighting against the Boss.

Shi Feng also knew what Gentle Snow had said was true. Wanting to gather 20 Silver Coins would not be easy. Ouroboros did not have as great of influence in White River City as the Assassins Alliance did. Shi Feng sent mail to Gentle Snow containing detailed introductions to the Deathly Forest. With Gentle Snows abilities, they should be able to clear Normal Mode easily.

Gentle Snow looked at the strategy she received for the Deathly Forest; her heart slightly shook only after a slight glance.

She never imagined the Deathly Forest would be so horrifying. Just the number of paths available already numbered thirty-six. Thirty-three of them were dead ends. There was even a Night Ranger who moved based on opportunity. There was also a detailed description of the Boss and when it would cast its skills. She definitely got more than 20 Silvers worth of information. If she sent others to explore the paths bit by bit, the cost would exceed 20 Silvers.

Suddenly, another change occurred to Gentle Snows perception of Shi Feng. She felt Shi Feng was not as simple as he seemed to be. He was certainly an expert. Only an expert could have such a profound understanding of the Dungeon. However, Gentle Snow had no recollection of an expert Swordsman like Shi Feng.

In three days Ouroboros is planning to enter the first Level 5, twenty-man Dungeon, the Dark Moon Graveyard. I wonder if you will be interested in joining? Gentle Snow beautiful eyes looked towards Shi Feng as she invited him to the Team Dungeon. She already acknowledged Shi Fengs strength. If Shi Feng was with them, entering the Team Dungeon, they might have an easier time in it.

From a side, Blackie looked at Shi Feng with dumbstruck eyes. His admiration for Shi Feng had already reached the level of worship. He never imagined Shi Feng would be so awesome as to conquer the Snow Goddess in a few moves. The Goddess even wished to invite him to raid a Dungeon. How great of an honor was this? There were countless men who dreamt of raiding a Dungeon with the Snow Goddess.

However, Zhao Yueru became irritated after hearing Gentle Snow invite him. Shi Feng was but a Beta Tester. At most, he had experienced Gods Domain a few more days than they did and had a deeper understanding of the Deathly Forest. However, the twenty-man Team Dungeon had only opened after the games official release. It did not exist during the Beta Test, so there was no way for Shi Feng to know anything about it. Also, Shi Feng wasnt some powerful expert; what point would there be in inviting him? He would just be wasting a slot in the Dungeon.

Shi Feng entered a thought. There were a lot of good items that dropped from a twenty-man Dungeon. It had been particularly true for the Dark Moon Graveyard which dropped a lot of worthwhile equipment for Swordsman. The Attributes of the equipment from that Dungeon were also much better than the ones obtained from Wild Bosses. However, Shi Feng was not able to organize a twenty-man party, so it wouldnt be a disadvantage to join Gentle Snow for a round.

Alright, but leave a few spots for me. Also, all Swordsman equipment and Forging Designs must belong to me, Shi Feng answered with a nod.

Cant you be a little more humble? Zhao Yueru looked at Shi Feng, pouting. She felt Shi Feng was going too overboard. If Gentle Snow had asked anyone else, they would have readily agreed, even going as far as to forgo getting any equipment. Shi Feng, however, even wanted priority over equipment. He was not courteous with them at all.

Gentle Snow did not imagine Shi Feng was truly different from the other people. He did not play around with his words. However, it was interesting that he would say whatever he wanted. Following which, Gentle Snow looked towards the party members behind Shi Feng. Although they were noobs, their equipment was all of good quality. They could barely manage in the twenty-man Dungeon. Thus, Gentle Snow said, Fine. Lets add each other as friends then. Well be in touch when the time comes.Alright. You can just contact me a few hours before raiding the Dungeon. Ill arrive on time. Shi Feng accepted Gentle Snows friend request.Subsequently, Shi Feng and his party members left the small rock pit, heading towards Dark Moon Valley.

When the group passed through the Deathly Forests Dungeon, Stabbing Heart of the Assassins Alliance abruptly called out to Shi Feng.Brother Ye Feng, I nearly failed to recognize you. I never imagined you actually knew a big shot like the Snow Goddess. You must not forget a brother like me in the future! Stabbing Heart jokingly said as he walked towards Shi Feng.

Nonsense. I just happen to meet with Miss Snow by chance, Shi Feng replied with a smile.

Brother Ye Feng, you are too humble. Based on your strength, you are absolutely worthy of becoming friends with the Snow Goddess. After all, both of you are experts of the same level, Stabbing Heart thought Shi Feng was very humble. It was no wonder he was such a great expert. The way he conducted himself was different than ordinary people. Stabbing Heart wanted to befriend Shi Feng even more now. Our Assassins Alliance is preparing to enter the Dungeon. I wonder if Brother Ye Feng would be interested in joining us? Of course, you can pick any of the equipment that you want.

You are too courteous, Brother Stabbing Heart. However, I still have some things to attend to. I will definitely join if there is another chance in the future, Shi Feng politely rejected the offer.

Stabbing Heart spoke in a loud voice. Surrounding players clearly heard his words.

At first, everyone thought of Shi Feng as just a noob. His being called upon by the Snow Goddess was just due to luck. Even now, Stabbing Heart of the Assassins Alliance wished to befriend Shi Feng. Just what sort of situation was this?

The Assassins Alliance was a large Guild that was famous throughout White River City. As the Sub-Leader of the Guilds Elite group, Stabbing Heart would not need to interact with normal players at all. However, he tried to befriend Shi Feng. Shi Feng had actually rejected him. Shi Feng was just too domineering.

If someone were to call Shi Feng a noob, nobody would believe them. There was something strange about the situation.

Everyone guessed that Shi Feng must be a hidden expert that normal players did not know of. Otherwise, why would big shots try to meet Shi Feng one after the other?

Boss Waving, that Stabbing Heart actually tried to befriend that noob. Im not dreaming, right? Wordless Summer Night was shocked. Was this Shi Feng really the noob they met before?

Waving Slowly But Surely was currently upset in his heart. Initially, his heart still held hope that Shi Feng was just a noob. Now, however, that hope was utterly destroyed by Stabbing Heart. Shi Feng was not a noob. He was definitely an expert, just like Lonely Snow had said. Shi Feng might even be greater than Lonely Snow had described him to be. If Lonely Snow followed Shi Feng, then his future would certainly be filled with boundless prospects. On the other hand, they had chased Shi Feng away...... They had missed a great chance for them to befriend an expert.

Boss, why dont we go over and apologize? An expert is a magnanimous person. Who knows, he might even forgive us. At that time, we, too, could gain the favor of an expert, Battle To The End suggested.

Wordless Summer Night nodded his head in complete agreement.

Just as Shi Fengs party was about to leave the Deathly Forest, Waving Slowly But Surely and the others came running over.

Big Brother Expert, weve had some misunderstandings before, so were here to apologize to you. We hope you can forgive our ignorance. Heres a Silver Coin to show our sincerity. We hope Big Brother Expert can take us under your wing, Waving Slowly was all smiles as he apologized. The arrogance he had before was completely gone now.

Wordless Summer Night and Battle To The End were also sincerely apologizing without stop. They wished to grind monsters with Shi Feng.

If you guys dont have anything else to say, then please leave. I still have matters to attend to, so I dont have any time to waste with you, Shi Feng spun around to leave after replying. He did not mind one little bit in regards to Waving Slowly and the others previous behavior. However, wanting him to carry[1] them? Not a chance.

As for Lonely Snow, he only shook his head in regards to Waving Slowly and the others actions. If they had known that their actions would lead to such results today, maybe they wouldnt have acted so in the beginning.

Watching Lonely Snow leave with Shi Feng, Wordless Summer curled his lips into a frown, saying in a sour tone, Bah! Whats there to be amazed about?! In the future, I, too, will become an expert!

However, only Waving Slowly knew Lonely Snow would become successful in the future. He was already in a different world than them.

TL Notes:

[1] carry: a gaming term used to refer to a player who largely contributed to the teams victory.

Chapter end

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