Mutated Tao – Chapter 42: Monastery

Chapter 42: Monastery

In Li Huowangs memory, most monasteries were built deep in the mountains. It was much rarer to see one built in the city. However, he couldnt be bothered about all these things; all he cared about right now was the name of the monastery that the worshiper had just mentioned, Righteous Monastery?

Li Huowang immediately recalled the conversation that Zheng Kun had with Dan Yangzi before they died. They seemed to have been chased by the monks of this Righteous Monastery previously.

His heart started beating faster when he realized that he had found the right place; after going through so many things on their journey, at least they had finally arrived.

The view before them suddenly changed as they turned another corner. Clean and neat stone slabs paved the way to a wide staircase. A majestic temple stood at the end of the staircase that had hundreds of steps, incense smoke wafting around it.

A black plaque stood above the tall temple doors, with a name written on it in red wordsThe Righteous Monastery. Right below it was a couplet:

The seed of virtue blossoms, Buddhas bodys grace,

On pure waters, the moon reflects with jade-like embrace.

With the numerous lit-up incense sticks, the entire temple was shrouded in white smoke, giving it a heavenly feeling.

Young Taoist, I cant accompany you there, so please go on ahead. Right, the Western Capital City is different from Jianye town; here, theres a curfew at night. So, please remember to come back before nightfall, said Lu Zhuangyuan.

Li Huowang took a deep breath, then walked toward the crowded steps.

He followed the worshipers and stepped into the monastery where there were several large halls before him. Here, Li Huowang stood still like a rock amidst the tide of humans and took in his surroundings.

He found the main temple, but what he should do next stumped him. How should he interact with the monks in this place?

Should I directly say that I was Dan Yangzis disciple? But I am afraid of being instantly swatted to death by them.nw stries at n/vel/b/i/n(.)co

However, before he could even come up with a plan, the monks from Righteous Monastery approached him; even in such a massive crowd, Li Huowangs Taoist robes stood out quite a lot.

As he heard the other party speak, he realized that this monks pure Buddhist behavior and values were not something the old monk from before could compare to. Amitabha! Jian Dun at your service.

Li Huowang immediately returned the greeting when he saw the well-fed monk bow toward him with clasped hands. Master, its an honor to meet you. I am known as Xuan Yang.

As a disciple of Taoism, youre probably not here to burn incense and worship the Buddha, right? Please come this way.

Li Huowang nodded as he looked at the bustling crowd all around, then followed him through a door at the side. He pondered on what he should say next while observing the scar on the monks head.

The two of them continuously shuttled through the majestic halls, the clamor of the crowd around them gradually dying down. Finally, they arrived before a row of stone tables and chairs, under a golden ginkgo tree.

Sir, please. monk Jian Dun sat down, unhurriedly turning the prayer beads in his hands. He did not ask Li Huowang about his sect or origin, thoroughly displaying the calm and composed nature of the disciples of Buddhism.

Li Huowang silently thought for a while, then looked at the monk before him. Dan Yangzi is dead.

There was a sudden pattering sound as the yellow-brown Buddhist beads in the monks hand scattered in all directions.

Li Huowang just silently nodded when he saw the fat Monk before him stand up. As expected, the monks here had definitely interacted with Dan Yangzi before.

That bull-headed old Taoist is really dead? This matter is of utmost importance; please recount everything to me in detail.

Since he wanted answers, Li Huowang had to give enough information to the other party. Apart from hiding the fact that he had taken away the so-called sacred text, Li Huowang described everything that happened in Zephyr Temple to the monk before him.

Master, can Dan Yangzi really attain Immortality under such circumstances?

Li Huowang leaned forward slightly before continuing in a solemn voice, Or rather, is it possible that he has become something else?

A gentle breeze blew past, rustling the leaves of the golden ginkgo tree beside them.

Sir, are you sure that you really heard Dan Yangzi speaking into your ear? Jian Dun was equally serious.

Yes, definitely. It was not just some hallucination. There was also the abnormal situation with the God of Happiness. Irritation flashed through his eyes as he recalled the scene. The God of Happiness could not be seen directly and wanted to come out of the darkness to eat me. But its body, which was hidden in the darkness, seemed like it was getting pulled by something. Though I have no specific reason to believe this, I have a conjecture that it was Dan Yangzi who was pulling on the God of Happiness in the darknessit was Dan Yangzi who had attained Immortality.

Jian Dun spent some time pondering with a serious expression before he stood up. Sir, please wait a while; this matter is of grave importance.

Then, Jian Dun clasped his hands toward Li Huowang and turned to leave in a hurry.

Though the other party did not say anything, his attitude was enough to convey some information. Li Huowang looked up at the clouds in the skies.

Sure enough, Dan Yangzis matter is not something that would be concluded so easily.

Jian Dun returned quicker than Li Huowang had expected, returning in at most half an incense stick worth of time. This time he was back with a fresh string of Buddhist beads in his hand.

Sir Xuan Yang, this way please. The abbot wishes to meet you in person, said Jian Dun.

The Righteous Monastery was very large, and they had to walk within the temple for some time before they finally arrived at a grand hall.

Outside the grand hall, Li Huowang peered in through the octagonal door and saw five towering Buddhas that were several meters in height. They were all sitting cross-legged, each striking a different yet equally majestic pose.

Before the five golden statues was a prayer mat with a figure seated on it while wearing a monks robe. The figure also had a five-Buddha hat on his head, similar to that of Monk Tang.

Li Huowang could hear the monk chanting sutras as soon as he stepped in, the chanting echoing throughout the spacious hall.

Under the gaze of the five huge golden Buddhas, Li Huowangs figure slowed down unconsciously.

Soon, the chanting stopped, and the monk sitting on the prayer mat slowly turned around.

Li Huowang was surprised on seeing his appearance; it was the appearance of an old man with white brows and a beard. However, what surprised him was not the abbots exceptionally kind appearance, but his eyes. It was a pair of pink eyes. After having spent so much time together with Bai Lingmiao, Li Huowang could tell at just a glance that the abbot also suffered from albinism.

Amitabha, this humble monk, Xin Hui, pays my respects, Abbot Xin Hui clasped his hands together and spoke calmly.

I am Xuan Yang. Its good to see you, Abbot. Li Huowang returned the greeting before sitting down as well.

Abbot, about Dan Yangzi- Li Huowang was interrupted as the other party raised his hand to stop him.

Benefactor Xuan Yang, do you recognize these five Buddha statues that you see in this hall? The one in the middle is Vaicorana from Vajradhatu, the Diamond Realm. The one on the East is Akshobhya from Abhirati, the Eastern Pure Land. The one on the South is Ratnasambhava from rimat, the Southern Pure Land. The one on the West is Amitbha from Sukhavati, the Western Pure Land, and the one on the North is Amoghasiddhi from Prakuta, the Northern Pure Land. Together, they are known as the Five Dhyani Buddhas.

Li Huowang started feeling a little anxious.

What does this monk mean to do, talking about all these irrelevant things right now?

Abbot, lets talk about all these things when we have the time in the future. May I ask what Dan Yangzi has transformed into?

Xin Hui clasped his hands together and once again looked at Li Huowang calmly. He has become a Buddha.

Chacha and Chars Thoughts

Ah yes, Abbot Xin Hui. Looks normal to me, pretty cool drawing too @

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