Beastmaster of the Ages – Chapter 57 - Break His Leg!

Chapter 57 - Break His Leg!

Chief mentor. Please help me deliver my letter of challenge to Xing & Chen Merchantry. Help me ask Madam Xue Lan if her son dares to come and get a beating!

Thats against the rules, but Ill help you this time. But well, from my perspective, youre likely to be the one beaten up. He is a real genius, after all, Mu Wan warned.

Li Tianming smiled, his eyes ablaze with passion. He didnt need to brag or anything. Beating him up was a done deal if Chen Yao dared to come down.

Therefore, Mu Wan delivered the letter of challenge to Xing & Chen Merchantrys private room.

At the same time, Li Tianming took the initiative to leap onto a stage and look at where the letter of challenge had been sent. Chen Yao! Do you dare come down here for a beatdown?

The voice suddenly boomed out within the Flameyellow Stadium, immediately drawing the attention of everyone!

Liu Qianyang had successfully helped everyone recognise Li Tianming. So, everyone expected him to be more low profile. On the contrary, he instead even acted more bombastic!

With his rank and power, challenge Chen Yao?

It was delusional and courting death, garnering ridicule from all sides.

This fellow, he came to create more joke material! Many immediately laughed at Li Tianmings challenge.

Now, was the time for second place and onward to contest first place!

Chen Yao was waiting for his turn after Li Shufan lost. The first rank had to continuously accept challenges until the chief mentors unanimously decided he or she was the prime disciple.

The mad dog is barking again. Tell him Im busy! Chen Yao was currently resting next to his two older brothers.

He really is blind. What does he have against you? Xing Que asked coldly.

Chen Yao didnt say anything, turning to look at his mother, Xue Lan instead. From when Li Tianming started fighting, her expression had been unpleasant throughout. Moreover, Chen Yao was currently ranked third and not first, which added to her displeasure.

Chen Yao. Go down and teach him a lesson. If the chance presents itself, cripple him! Xue Lan suddenly said.

Sis, theres no need right? I just saw him beat a second level Spiritsource. Yaoer is currently preparing for Lin Xiaoxiao. Itll affect him if he exhausts his strength with this person, Madam Yuan Yu advised.

I think theres no need to. Teaching this sort of dog a lesson can be done anytime, anywhere. It doesnt need to be now, Xue Lans eldest son, Chen Hao, added.

Yaoer, are you going or not? You cant lack the courage to handle such trash if youre gunning for first place!

Everyone realised Xue Lan was getting more and more irascible today.

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How could I reject if mother has already said this much? Honestly, if I didnt want to conserve strength for Lin Xiaoxiao, I would have gone straight down and shut his mouth when he challenged me. Chen Yao stood up. He knew why his mother was so agitated. Before the ranking battles, his mother and Wei Jing had met, shedding all pretense of cordiality in the process. Furthermore, they had made fun of that mother-son pair so much. If he didnt go forth and it spread, where would Madam Xue Lans face go?

He hasnt used his lifebound beast to win so far. Are you confident? Xue Lan asked.

Haha, one move is enough! It wouldnt affect later on. Mother, just watch! Im going to plunge that mother and son into despair. Its just some dog that just wont go away, if I dont break its legs, Im not surnamed Chen! Chen Yao sneered.

Its enough to beat him. Conserve your strength, little brother. After the ranking battles, Ill just get someone to exterminate his lifebound beast and there, matter resolved! Xing Que patted him on the shoulder.

We recently made some fugitive friends who can do anything and everything. Chen Hao chuckled too.

Thats good. I wont have to see such dirty things anymore then. Chen Yao walked out.

Wei Jing, what are you trying to prove before you die? That your son is stronger than mine? Well, I guess youre not going to be able to peacefully go then. Xue Lan looked in Wei Jings direction, muttering internally. She may not have been able to see her, but she knew where she was.

As for Wei Jings desire to compare children, she smiled coldly, derision in her heart.


An incident happened as Li Tianming was confidently thinking Chen Yao would come down. Li Shufan of Occult Athenaeum coincidentally sent his letter of challenge to Lightning Manor.

Lin Xiaoxiao had also been waiting for this to defend her prime disciple spot. When she came out from the Lightning Manors area, she saw Chen Yao too.

The two passed by each other.

Dont lose. My next opponent is you, so dont go losing to Li Shufan. Chen Yao was full of spirit, before he descended like a streak of starlight towards Li Tianming.

Lin Xiaoxiao pursed her lips. She was actually very confident. If she could beat Li Shufan, Chen Yao was even less of an issue. Thus, she didnt know where that confidence was coming from.

Under the expectant gazes of everyone, she arrived before Li Shufan. The most exciting moment finally arrived. It wasnt because of that weird match-up between Li Tianming and Chen Yao, but the match between the first and second places of the Flameyellow Leaderboard!

This could possibly be the most exciting match of the ranking battles! It was definitely a match of heavyweights.

Lin Xiaoxiao and Li Shufan were both straightforward people. They had a decent relationship. There was no enmity involved in this fight, only the determination of victor and loser.

Hence, their fight already started as Chen Yao arrived in front of Li Tianming.

Thus, there was less attention paid to the fight between Li Tianming and Chen Yao as everyone just expected a one-sided trampling there. How could Li Tianming who had returned after three years compare to a true talent, the young master of Xing & Chen Merchantry?

Even Chen Yao didnt expect to face off against Li Tianming here. When he laid eyes on him, he realised the rancor in his heart was even more than he had imagined.

Stupid mongrel. It seems you think Im afraid of your biting if I dont do anything. Since you dared call me down, Ill break your legs and teeth in front of everyone, including that dying mother of yours! Chen Yao knew if he didnt teach Li Tianming a lesson, any random stray cat or dog would come challenge him, a lion, from now on.

Madam Xue Lan always acts as if shes well-bred, but her son lacks any sign of education. Talking so crassly only reveals your inner baseness, you know? Li Tianming smiled coldly. After three years, it was difficult for people to tell anger or happiness from his face anymore.

While he seemed to be casually smiling on the surface, he was hiding a volcano inside, just waiting to erupt. He had been waiting for this too long.

One was spewing insults while one was smiling pleasantly. Immediately, the contrast determined the superiority and inferiority between the two.

Chen Yao saw the looks of disappointment from people in his conduct.

It infuriated him even further to be judged as lesser than Li Tianming! However, the battle of words never mattered in the end on the battlefield. As long as he made Li Tianming kneel before him, everything else wouldnt matter.

Come out! Chen Yao snapped, summoning his famous Hex-starred Clinquant Lion, which leapt out of his lifebound space covered in resplendent starlight.

The lion was tall and mighty, holy yet awe-inspiring. It held the presence of the king of all beats.

Besides each other, the man and beast pair complemented each other well, looking like gods incarnated.

It was a star-type terrestrial beast that could manipulate the power of the stars in the sky, drawing on starlight to grow. It had limitless potential.

Chen Yao using the Hex-Starred Clinquant Lion meant he wanted to crush Li Tianming thoroughly.

From its fierce appearance, it was clear Chen Yaos emotions had affected it. It glared at Li Tianming, the starlight in its eyes pulsing. Its powerful claws gripped the ground, ready to pounce at Li Tianming at any moment.

Chapter end

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