A Journey That Changed The World – Chapter 7: Surrounded by Secret Important Characters

Chapter 7: Surrounded by Secret Important Characters

Moreover, although she was still unable to absorb spiritual energy, she could assimilate the spiritual energy in her space. When Hexi felt the spiritual energy enter and circulate in her body, she could feel her mind becoming energised, any remaining traces of tiredness disappearing., Hexi, standing next to the spring, started drying her clothes using her internal energy. Suddenly the reflection in the water flashed. Before, her figure had been reflected in the water, now, the surface of the water reflected the vague silhouette of a person., There was now a shadow quietly hiding behind the beams in her room. There was no light in the room, so she was unable to clearly make out the appearance of the shadow, she could only tell it was a tall man., At the same time, every corner of her space lit up with a red light in warning., Someone had approached within one hundred metres—! Moreover, that person was now inside her room!, This space had an alert function, if someone were to approach her sleeping physical body, the space will notice and sound an alarm. The situation outside will be reflected on the water in order to avoid her physical body being harmed while she was in her space., Hexi’s eyes flashed, quickly leaving her space she returned to her physical body., Once she exited her space, she jolted in surprise, receiving such a shock she almost jumped up., The room was dark and quiet, empty except for herself. Her senses couldn’t detect the presence of anyone else in the room., However, at this very moment, there is a hand gently caressing her closed eyelids. Slowly, that hand travelled to the collar of her clothes., That’s right, someone was standing beside her silently. Then, without hesitation, those nimble fingers began to untie her outer robes., Hexi suddenly opened her eyes, her cold eyes shining with a killing intent. As fast as lightning, her left foot ruthlessly aimed a kick at that daring “flower thief”., However, the expected cracking sound of her foot landing on the thief’s chest didn’t happen, instead, a big hand grabbed her ankle, like an iron claw., The palm of the hand was warm and dry, instantly raising her temperature as his fingertips brushed across her naked leg, making her shudder., Hexi’s heart shivered and she moved her body in a flash, rising from the bed, her right foot kicked at that person. Her hands moved in a dance, like the opening of a flower, a lotus flower blossom, layer upon layer of killing intent surrounded her., A surprised voice lightly sounded, the palm that held her ankle released her, and she fell back several steps to the sound of low laughter., This is a man, moreover it was a man with a deep, attractive voice., Hexi stood barefoot in the dark, her heart bewildered while her eyes coldly glared at the shadow in front of her., Even though this man was clearly standing in front of her and laughing, she was still unable to sense any of his movements. If it wasn’t for her space warning her, she might never have known anyone was there, even if she was being skinned to the bone by this man., Who was this man? Why did he approach her in the middle of the night, and what was his purpose?, Hexi’s eyebrows wrinkled slightly while studying the motionless man in front of her. Suddenly, her hand shot forward, reaching in the direction of a candlestick holder., She had barely heard a laugh before the unlit candle on the dressing table suddenly lit up, illuminating the room and revealing the man’s appearance., A light flashed in Hexi’s eyes, her mind suddenly felt stunned, like she had inhaled a breath of icy cold air. In this world there was actually such an evildoer., The man’s appearance was that of a man no older than twenty years old. Dressed in black with narrow sleeves, the collar of his outer clothes were decorated with silver and purple embroidery, mixed with dark thread it marked out patterns of magic clouds and bats. A wide belt of the same colour rested on his waist. His stature was tall, straight, and slender, like a stern young bamboo shoot. His entire person emitted a one of a kind aura, a heavenly nature with a luxurious atmosphere.

Chapter end

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