A Journey That Changed The World – Chapter 5 It Starts Here

Chapter 5 It Starts Here

Archer walked down the road, he saw all the different kinds of shops that amazed him. Blacksmiths. Alchemists, Enchanters and Beast Shops. , There were some shops he didn’t know or want to know by the looks of them. Not even 10 minutes later he arrived outside a well-designed building. , It was made of green-colored stone with wooden features here and there. Walking up to it, he approached the massive doors, pushing them open with great effort from his little body. , When walking in, he instantly started looking around. It was a massive hall with a reception set up to the right side as you walk in. , A row of wooden boards that held loads of paper pinned to them on the left side of the hall. Four beautiful women stood behind the counter serving adventurers. , There was a spot at the end free, so Archer walked over. A woman with brown hair, green eyes, and loads of cute freckles on her face sat behind the counter looking at some papers. , She doesn’t look very tall but is still taller than him by a little bit. As he approached she looked up and smiled before speaking. ”Hello young man, how can I help you today?” , Archer looked at her. ”I want to register as an adventurer please.” , She looks closely and asks. ”How old are you?” 𝑖𝘳𝑎.𝒸ℴ𝘮, ”13” , She cocked an eyebrow and asked the question that came to her mind. ”Is there a reason why a 13-year-old boy wants to become an adventurer, It’s dangerous you know?” , Archer looks at her like she’s an idiot. ”Coins and leveling up, what else?” , The woman sighs, the kid strangely makes sense so she carries on with the registration. , She shuffles some papers around and brings out a form while passing it to Archer along with a pen-looking thing. , ”Here, fill this out and hand it back when you’re done.” , He looked at the forms and found them pretty basic, luckily, he can read and write the language thanks to the memories he received. , So he filled out the form, before handing it back to the woman. She looked at it while nodding with a smile. , ”Thank you, Archer, you’ll be assigned F rank, but if you complete 10 quests you can rank up to E, which repeats until you reach rank D where you have to take a personalized test by the guild.” , ”There are some rules. The guild will reprimand you for any crime you commit and suspend your adventurer card. , There will be no fighting inside any of the guild buildings, you can’t take quests with other adventurers unless you’re in the same group unless it’s an emergency quest from the guild, and lastly no threatening guild staff.” , She looked at him. ”Do you understand Archer?” , He nodded his head. ”Yes, I understand.” , She smiles and introduces herself. , ”I’m Sarah, and I’ll be your receptionist from now on, now wait for a bit while your card is processed, let me explain what quests you can take at your rank, You can take any F or E ranked quests but none higher than E, If you are in a group you will be allowed to take D ranked quests, understand?” , ”Yes.” , She nods her head and then starts walking off to sort out the card. While he was waiting, he overheard the adventurers talking about him. , ”Look at the little elf, he’s pretty cute.” , ”What is the pretty boy doing in here?” , ”I love his white hair and those pretty violet eyes!” , ”Look at those ears though, they aren’t elf ears!” , Ignoring all the gossip he heard, he blocked it out as he waited for Sarah to return. She returned 10 minutes later, passing Archer an amber-colored card. , ”Here you go, it has your name, rank, and the quests you’ve completed on it.” , He took the card and started to look at it. It was a card with his name printed across it and the symbol of the guild printed on it. , He threw it into his item box before speaking. ”Thank you, I’m about to begin to take quests now, It was nice meeting you Sarah.” , He walked off and said bye to him, he made his way to the quest boards. Three huge boards with loads of paper stuck to them. , Walking over to look for a mission that catches his attention. After reading through most of the F or E rank quests, they are just to help people around the city. , Archer then noticed one that caught his eye, walking over he picked it up and started reading it. , Wild dog hunt: wild dogs are running wild just outside my farm If any adventurer could come and help us, we would be eternally grateful , Reward: 80 silver coins , ”I’m curious, I’ll take this for now.” He ripped the paper off the board and walked towards the counters, while all the adventurers were watching him. , ”The little guy is heading on a quest, I bet he will fail Haha.” , ”Leave him alone, we know nothing about him” , Even though Archer overheard them again, he still ignored them. Reaching the counter, he gave Sarah the quest slip. ”Here I want to take this quest please.” , As Sarah read the quest she got worried and asked in a concerned tone. ”Are you sure you want to take this Archer, they are deadly, and even worse they roam in packs.” , ”It will be fine don’t worry, they won’t be able to get the jump on me.” He said with a smile. , She sighed. ”Give me your guild card so I can assign you the quest.” , He handed her the card, she uses it to do something on the counter which he couldn’t see. , ”It’s ready now, the quest has been assigned to you Archer, you have 30 days to complete it or you will face a penalty.” , He nodded in response, he asked her where the quests were located. ”So where is this farm?” , Taking a look at the information, she turned her attention back to Archer before telling him. , ”To reach the farm, you’ll need to travel approximately two hours from the eastern gate. Once you’ve exited the gate, simply head north and the farm should be visible.” , ”Okay, thank you for your help.” , Archer turned on his heels and headed towards the exit excited to go on his first hunt. Exiting the guild he turned towards the eastern gate and started walking. , 10 minutes later he arrived at the gate. It was very tall, at least 15-20 meters tall, made of solid green marble-like stone. , Guards patrolled the wall above, while others were stationed at the entrance. He approached the entrance and passed through without any guards looking at him. , After exiting the city, he looked around and started walking north while marveling at the landscape he saw. , A rolling plain ended in a forest that bordered the city It was only a mile away from here. After a few hours of walking, Archer felt his stomach growl. ., ”Fuck I don’t have any food, well hopefully I can hunt for something to eat” , That’s when he looked up and saw a farm in the distance. He walked towards it and saw a single-story wooden building. , It looks a bit worn out, but it’s still functional. He walked up to it and when he got outside he knocked on the door. , He heard footsteps heading towards the door, it was opened by an older-looking man with a fed-up expression on his face. , ”Oh a little boy, what do you want, Where are your parents?” Archer stares at the man with a blank expression , ”….” , He shakes his head and takes out his guild card. ”Look” , The old man saw the Amber card in the boy’s hand and his eyes widen. ”Emm sorry young man, you’re the adventurer who will deal with the dogs?” , Archer nods. ”Where are the dogs?” , The man stepped out of his house while answering. ”Well, the dogs are at the back of the farm, where it borders the forest they’ve gotten closer to the house every day.” , The man sighed before finishing. ”Thank you for coming to help us young man, My name is Evarius.” , Archer looked at the middle-aged man. ”Nice to meet you Evarius, I’m Archer, I’ll go deal with them now.” , He turned around and started to walk to the back of the farm, after a brief walk he arrived at the forest’s edge but didn’t see any wild dogs. , ”Where are the…” An alarm feeling washed over him making his whole body shiver as he started to panic. , Glancing behind him to see a wild dog quickly lunging at him. He quickly cast a Cosmic Shield. ”Cosmic shield!” , A purple-colored barrier appeared and blocked the wild dog’s surprise lunge. Aiming his hand at the beast, he fired a Void Blast at it. ”Void Blast!” , A strong force shot out and hit the dog square in the face crushing its head. , 100 experience gained , When he noticed the notification, it annoyed him so he wished to turn them off, which happened not long after. There were three other growling wild dog’s staring at Archer. , Bringing his hands up and casting four Void Blasts inwardly. , ‘Void blast.’ , The Void Blasts sped forward piercing into the remaining wild dogs and sending them flying, landing not far away. , ‘Mana’ , 550/800 , ”50 Mana per blast isn’t too bad, I need to increase it though, maybe I can use those points things I remember seeing.” , Looking around and spotting a wild dog body lying there. , Thump!~ Thump!~ Thump!~ , A/N – Leave some comments, power stones, and gifts. It all helps support the book. Artwork in the comments or discord, 𝑖𝘦𝑎.𝗇t

Chapter end

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