A Journey That Changed The World – Chapter 4 Goodbye For Now

Chapter 4 Goodbye For Now

Archer slammed the door closed when they entered, still holding her hand. Looking at her face he noticed it was red as an apple. , He smiled. ”Sorry about that, I didn’t like him looking at you like that.” , As she heard him speak, Ella smiled. ”That’s okay, I like this new side of you to be honest.” , She got a worried look on her face before asking. ”But what will you do Arch?” , Thinking for a second. ”I read about the adventurer’s guild allows people to become adventurers at 13, so I think I’ll become one and earn coin that way.” , Archer rubs his chin before speaking. , ”I can’t stay here and put up with my father’s ** any longer, yes I lost the fight, but that was just an excuse for him to throw me out.” , He suddenly got a brilliant idea. , ”Hey Ella, can you fight?” , Tilting her head before quickly nodding. , ”Yes, my mother and father taught me archery and earth magic before we came to the Avalon Empire.” , He smiled as he heard her response. , ”Then why don’t you come with me, we can become adventurers, explore this world together while discovering the unknown.” , After hearing Archer’s offer, she looked sad. , ”Arch I cant, my mother signed a work contract, and it runs out when I turn 15, so we have to continue working for two years” , He got a sad look on his face at the thought of separating from her. , The original Archer liked her a lot, when their souls became one the same feelings were passed onto the him. , She smiled. , ”But if you still want me to, when I turn 15, I can come with you” , Ella had a hopeful look on her cute face as she really wanted go with him. , If she left with him now her mother could get into trouble. , Archer was annoyed at first but cheered up when he heard her speak. , ”Yes that’s perfect, when you’re 15 I’ll get you signed up as an adventurer and we can explore together, however, while you’re here, you should study hard before I return for you.” , She nodded before getting ready to leave. , ”I will, I promise you, I’ll come see you in the morning before you leave.” , ”Goodnight Arch.” , Ella left the room as Archer stood there staring at the door. , He sat down at the table and reviewed all the spells and skills he had learned earlier. , Spell Creation , Mana Regeneration , Void Blast , Cosmic Shield , Cosmic Sword , Body Enhancement , ‘Void blast and cosmic sword are my attack spells, Cosmic Shield is my defense spell, while body enhancement is my support spell. , He selected body enhancement. , Body Enhancement: uses mana to power any part of the body , Archer selected Spell Creation next. , Spell Creation: Can create one new spell per rank , Archer stared at the screen in front of him and decided he wanted to create something that he remembers appearing in a lot of the web novels he read. , Spell Creation activated , Nothing happened while he sat at the table, until he heard a click. , Item Box skill created , Spell Creation: Cool-down activated until user ranks up , He started relaxing after creating a skill that will be useful for years to come. , ‘Item Box.’ , Item Box: A skill that allows the user to store items in a pocket dimension that only the user has access to, and grows larger as the user levels up , ”Very useful” , Archer gets up and decides to do a workout before getting into bed. , 100 sit-ups, 100 push-ups, and 100 squats. , After finishing working out, he didn’t feel satisfied, so he repeated it 3 more times. , Leaving him out of breath, his new body was not ready to work out, so he was aching badly. , His memories reminded him of how the previous Archer was a bookworm who rarely came outside the library. , After all the exercise, Archer crawled into bed, sore and tired. , Falling into a deep sleep. , ”ARCHER!” , He opened his eyes as he heard someone screaming his name. , ”Alexa?” , That’s when he realized he was in a dream. , He was standing about 10 meters from a scene he never wanted to see again. , His eyes were fixed on that crazy stalker Noah stabbing him. , Noah was saying something but Archer couldn’t hear anything, he could only read his lips. , ‘Only mine, Only mine.’ , When the attack happened he didn’t pay attention to what Noah was saying. , He only paid attention to the excruciating pain he felt, but witnessing it in the third person was a completely different experience. , Archer’s own blood splattered everything and everyone around him. Alexa’s screams and Noah’s manic smile, seeing and hearing all this broke his mind. , When he woke up earlier today he was too distracted to think about the attack. , It was only after he fell asleep that memories returned. 𝘪𝘳.𝒸𝘰𝑚, Archer woke up panicking while looking around, remembering where he was. ., He tried to relax, but couldn’t. , Getting out of bed he stumbled over to the window and opened it. , The sun hadn’t yet risen, but the breeze blew against his skin felt relaxing. , Archer’s mind reeled, the nightmare messed with him, he doesn’t know what, but something has started to change. , But ignoring all the chaotic thoughts plaguing his mind, Archer jumps up on the window ledge and sat down as he watched the city. , A few birds flew past his window as he stretched his arms above his head as he watched the city. , It was lively at this time in the morning. , There were numerous carriages in the plaza near Vassia’s castle, he saw people walking here and there. , A market was getting set up, as people were walking to and from work or adventurers taking quests while heading out of the city. , After a while, Archer got off the ledge when he calmed down. , He put on a new shirt and pants while throwing the rest of his stuff into his Item box along with the knife he had. , He only had five pairs of black shirts and pants. , That’s all the Ashguards gave him since the incident. , The clothes felt like they were made from linen when he put them on. , As he finished getting ready he heard a knock on the door. , ”Come in!” , The door opened and Archer sees Ella walking in, but she looked lost in thought. , ”Morning Arch, I brought you some food before you leave.” , She put a tray on the table with bacon and eggs heaped on it. , Archer walked over to the table and sat down to eat. , Looking at her as he stuffed his face with the delicious breakfast and wondered what was wrong with the girl. , ”What’s wrong, Ella, You seem lost in thought.” , She shook her head before speaking. , ”Arch, we won’t see each other for years, but could you please try to write to me, I asked Butler Calluric if I can send letters to you through the guild, and he said they can.” , She looked embarrassed until Archer reassured her. , ”It’s okay Ella, I was going to write to you anyway, so don’t worry, plus I’ll even come to visit you as much as I can” , He finished the food and stood up, and quickly moved in front of her. , That’s when the scent of lavender hit his nose, which he loved. , ‘Smells beautiful.’ , Archer pondered inwardly as he looked into her sky-blue eyes. , ”Wanna walk to the gate with me?” , Ella nodded her head with a small smile as they both left the room, heading for the castle’s gate. , When they were getting close to the exit, a sarcastic voice came from behind them. , ”The weak don’t belong here, I can’t believe I gave birth to someone like you, you bring shame to all the dragon-kin race.” , A tall woman with black hair, pointy ears like Archer’s, and blue eyes, with a pair of black horns coming from above her ears. , It was his mother Larka Ashguard, she was staring at him with a dirty look. , ‘I promise one day to prove you wrong and make you regret the way you’ve treated me.’ , He turned away ignoring his mother’s horrible comment and made his way out of the castle. , 10 minutes later they arrived at the castle entrance, the two children came to a stop. , Archer faced her, he shocked Ella by hugging her and whispering something in her ear that made her cheeks turn tomato red and her heartbeat racing. , ”Goodbye, for now, my beautiful Ella, I will see you soon” , He pulled away and started turning to leave. , She hesitated a little before running up to him and quickly pecked him on the cheek. , Before bolting away like a scared cat. , He laughed as he watched her run into the castle with bright red ears. , Archer entered the city and saw clean roads paved with smooth white stones. , However, he continued his walk down the street while looking around for the Adventurers Guild. , Having no idea where it was, he looked around and saw a stall selling food. , He walked up to it and asked the man who was cooking. , ”Excuse me, where is the guild?” , The man didn’t spot Archer until he looked down and laughed. , ”Hahaha didn’t see you there little man, how can I help you?” , ”Do you know where the adventurers guild is?” , He rubbed his chin and pointed to the left. , ”Head down that road, turn right when you reach an inn called The Lost Guild Master, then it’s two minutes from there.” , After that, he thanked the man and walked off in the direction the man pointed. , A/N – Leave some comments, power stones, and gifts. 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Chapter end

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