Developer Configuration

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In a world where software developers spend 75% of their day at their desk coding, why is it that senior management goes cheap on the equipment? Here in order of importance are the items to provide your developers with a comfortable work environment.

Dual Large Monitors
Why is it that asking for two large monitors requires more paper work approval than a trip to Asia? Two large LCD monitors, maybe more, no less.

Fast Computer
This may seem stupid, but many companies try to save a couple of hundred dollars when purchasing computers by going with slower computer and less ram. When it takes a long time to compile code, people are more likely to context switch to /. while waiting for it to compile. If it can be compiled quickly, developers are less likely to lose their train of thought.

Comfortable Chair
If you are sitting at your desk for the majority of the day, spending the extra 1000$ for a nice chair. A developer once said about his chair, “You can have my Aeron chair when you pry it from my cold dead butt.” Over 1000$ for a chair seems expensive, but over 4 years (1000 working days) it is not that expensive. See Joel on software for his chair ROI calculation for the chair.

Easy Meeting Room Access
A meeting room which can be accessed by developers without requiring them to book it ahead of time.

What I did not mention in here was offices. There is a large debate as to whether giving developers offices is better or worse, that will be left as a topic for a future post.